Monday, November 5, 2012

Bat Walk

This year we have decided to put our zoo membership to good use. So, we signed up for an evening bat walk. Emma was super excited to go to the zoo at night. Frank and I were just happy to enjoy a nice stroll through the park. We could have done without the heat but in the end we finally did see some bats so it was worth it.

Waiting for our docent to lead the way
On our way...

Frank and I started whispering to each other about this being a "dud" because we weren't seeing any bats but...

then they appeared! Flying across from beam to beam. They were so darn quick and small I couldn't get a picture of them but they were there, I promise!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Summer Recap

I know we're well into fall but it wouldn't feel right if I didn't post about our summer especially Alex's 2nd birthday.

Alex turned two years old in August. He is such a delight! He is funny, smart, lovable, friendly and did I mention funny. He loves his blankey, Spiderman toys, and baba. I know it's time to part with his baba but when he looks at me with those precious eyes and says "Momma baba, peash" well I just melt. He loves to dance, wrestle, and watch movies. He knows his basic shapes, some of numbers 1 -10, and letters A and B. I'm working on it but truthfully he rather just run around and play, typical boy.

I cannot say it enough, I love this boy of mine!

Beating up Spiderman

He kept doing funny poses for us.

such a ham

Zoo Day on a Work Day

I took a much needed day off from work and took the kids to the zoo. Added bonus on that day, Jason and The Aviles' came with us. Greatful that the brother-in-law came because that double stroller is a pain on those hills!

My sis and her family

The number one reason these kids like the cream and CHURROS

Beach Day

We only made it out to the beach once this summer. I'm not complaining, not my favorite place, but we really should try to go more often for the kids. Have I mentioned how much they love the water? Well, Alex prefers a swimming pool but Emma will take water anywhere. Next summer we are definitely doing swimming lessons.

Me and my kiddos and yes Alex's blankey

Coming back after a dip in the water.

This little guy was completely content playing in the sand and watching Emma and Daddy in the water.